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With Holacracy everyone is a manager

TalkSpirit is an IT company born in 2004 with two offices: one in Malakoff (near Paris) and the second one in Montpellier (south of France). This company produces two products: blogSpirit (blog creator solution) and talkSpirit (social networks for companies).

Tous managers grâce à Holacracy ?

Early 2014, Philippe Pinault, co-founder and CEO of talkSpirit was looking for new ways of managing his company. Inspired by Zappos’ transformation, he tried to set up a new governance system, more participative, without a real success. It was only in march 2014, with Olivier Ricard (co-founder) and another employee, that he attended an introductory workshop on Holacracy with iGi Partners. The former CEO immediately knew it was what he needed to run his company and he decided to continue with this new technology by attending a Practitionner Certification Training (4.5 days) and later by ratifying the Holacracy constitution the 1st of September 2014. During four months, talkSpirit has received support from iGi Partners who helped them acquire new reflexes, behaviors and ensured the PowerShift of the company.Today, talkSpirit continues to practice Holacracy, autonomously, calling iGi Partners when needed.

“Employees have a job to do, whether Holacracy is in place or not. But the way they are working changes. At first, we start with the reality of the work and then we progressively move to a new system supposed to solve old brakes.”
– Philippe Pinault 

Philippe Pinault shares his choice of new governance system through a short interview we have produced after the Holacracy implementation: 

YouTube video

Transcription of the video:Philippe Pinault: The shift in Holacracy doesn’t change what you do, tt simply changes how you do it.

I am Philippe Pinault, co-founder of talkSpirit, which is one of the main editor of social network for organizations. We escort organization in digital transformation. The workplace in which we live today requires responsiveness, agility, continuous capacities for evolving.

My way to introduce Holacracy is not to say: “There is no more managers”; in fact, there is only managers !
What is interesting in Holacracy, is it give a lot of freedom within a framework which allow to go fast and develop in better conditions.

So it is one of the issues where Holacracy answers fully to my expectations: this capacity to resolve, on a day-to-day basis, tensions, to solve the differences between what is done, and what it should be done, to be better.

And here too, Holacracy brings this framework which allows everyone to resolve their tensions daily.

Holacracy is a daily practice, in the way to work.
So, sign a Constitution, it’s an important act but for prevail practice Holacracy it’s necessary to practice it everyday, especially with the meeting which allow to organize daily work in the organization.

What has been difficult for some, is to take decisions where before they ask their manager who determine in a situation or another. And I think, this is this changement which is the most difficult and longer.
We have been escort by iGi Partners who forms us, and escort us for the implementation. We gain in reactivity and in swiftness for pursue what should be done and for the purpose of the roles or of the organization.

Holacracy bring tools, a process for address there new issues and I would recommend to every organization that wish develop their swiftness, their speed, their capacity of innovation to implement this type of Gouvernance for develop quicker.



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