“It was so clear and so simple to make decisions and move forward”, that’s what Karilen Mays, Certified Master Coach in Holacracy and Partner at HolacracyOne, the company behind Holacracy® said when she stumbled into Holacracy in 2007 at Seattle, where she meet for the first time this new way of organising companies, with her reaction being immediate: “It was so clear, and so simple to make decisions, and move forward.”. She started by working with the 3 founders and quickly took roles within the Holacracy implementation part and training. Holacracy® is a new social technology for organising companies and organisations. Karilen agreed to be interviewed in Zurich during a Coach Training specialised in advanced Holacracy techniques and coaching. Through this interview she get us a quick overview of the Holacracy implementation within companies, how it works and giving some real examples of disruptions.